I’m finally [mentally] back from vacation.

It was so good getting to spend mi cumple con mis abuelitos y mis tías en Colima, even if it was just for a few days. We ate everything we could, we got to release baby sea turtles back into the ocean, and we got to share a few beers with my grandparents.

It was perfect.

When one of the Mitú video producers approached me to be featured on one of their videos, I was terrified, I’m not gonna lie. I’m so used to working behind the scenes that I wasn’t sure how it would all be received but I’m really happy with the outcome — and I’m even happier with all the support I’ve been receiving.

Thank you so much, it really does mean a lot to me!

You can watch the video here.

During our trip to Colima, we had the opportunity to visit el pueblito along the beach, Cuyutlán. Where we got to visit Sea Salt Museum!

Fun Fact: Mi abuelito mined sea salt in Cuyutlán for many, many years, basically up until a few years ago before his legs gave out, so it was really neat to see the process and the hard work that the Salineros put in to mine sea salt.

I was trying to think of what I was going to share first upon returning, and then it hit me.


Chances are, if you’re not from Colima (Jalisco, or Michoacan), you probably haven’t heard of Tejuino. The origins of the drink are unknown but what we do know, though, is that the drink dates back to Pre-Columbian times, and it is strongly associated with the state of Colima.


Having Tejuino en el Jardín de La Villa.

When I shared the atole de mazapan with you all, I shared the importance of atole in Pre-Columbian times because Pre-Columbian societies got most of their daily calories from it.

Tejuino is essentially an atole made from piloncillo, masa, and water and a little bit of lime juice that is left in a clay pot to ferment for up to three days. As most things in Mexico, it’ll be prepared and served differently depending on where you have it. I believe in Jalisco it is customary to serve it with lime sorbet, but in Colima, Tejuino is served over shaved ice, and lots of lime juice.

Colima is hot and pretty humid year round, so Tejuino is a good way to cool off–it’s just so refreshing! You get a little sweetness from the piloncillo, the tartness from the lime juice, and then little bits of the sea salt that makes it a complete experience!

Fun fact: Colima is one of the two most important states in Mexico that produces limes, the other is Michoacan.

If you happen to make it, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. I’m always happy to share a little bit of Colima with everyone because we love, love, love being from there!

Till next time.

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We’re throwing a party today, a chip & dip party!

Good Health shared some of their new Good Health Snacks with a few of us, so we’re pairing them with our favorite dips, so we’re going back 2 basics with this super easy and quick guacamole.

Pro Tip: Use a molcajete, because everything tastes better out of a molcajete.

PS. Peas should never be in or around guacamole. That’s just blasphemous.

Guacamole has always been a staple on our table growing up, it always made the most bland meals a little more exciting.

When times were rough, and all we had to eat were frijoles de la olla, my mom would always make sure to whip up a batch of guacamole, y salsita de molcajete.

Those were simpler times, and I miss coming home from school to the smell of a fresh pot of beans simmering on the stove, and the smell of onion and garlic lingering in the air.

I’m keeping it short today bc I’m still on vacation mode, so I’m slowly trying to get back into the swing of things, but I can’t wait to share some of the tasty recipes I have planned for you all!

Nos vemos el Jueves!

GuacamoleSee  what everyone else is contributing to the #EnjoyDippingGood Chip & Dip Party by clicking on their recipes below!

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Poza Rica-Style Peanut and Chipotle Salsa by Flan & Apple Pie

Sambal Tahini Carrot Dip by Wit & Vinegar

Charred Carrot and Avocado Dip by Sun Diego Eats

White Bean Dip with Salsa Macha Swirl by Loves Food Loves to Eat

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Cara Cara Orange Mezcal Sour

Cara Cara Orange Mezcal SourI’m 27 today!

I’m a year older, and to be honest,  all I want for my Birthday is to finally be able to buy my 2 buck chuck at Trader Joe’s without the cashier making a joke about how I look 16.

It happens too often.

We’re heading to Mexico Thursday morning and wish I could teleport there rn because my body is ready to inhale all the food! I’m seriously considering  only packing running shorts so I can indulge comfortably!

It’s just a short trip but enough para recargar las pilas!

We’re going to hang out with family, do some shopping, and hopefully trek up El Volcán de Colima, Colima’s last active Volcano.
Cara Cara Orange Mezcal Sour

I got my hands on these beautiful Cara Cara Oranges (cross between Washington and Bahia Navel) which are known for their pink orange flesh and I’m so glad I found them–I cannot get over how gorgeous the inside is!

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know I love me a tart cocktail, so it’s only appropriate that I have one for my Birthday.

As my mom would say, obviooó osea hellow.

It’s a twist on the South American classic, the Pisco Sour. It’s a little smokey and a little tart, and really easy to make. I also feel like this drink also makes for a good party trick because the foam will make you look fancy af.

Here’s to being blessed with another year, good eats, and the good fight!

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Mole Vinaigrette Chicken Tostadas

Mole Vinaigrette Chicken Tostadas

This post is sponsored by La Guelaguetza, all opinions are my own.


How are you?

I don’t think my brain can comprehend anymore how so many bad things can keep happening this year!

It’s almost like they sit around and play a dangerous game of Russian roulette but with human/civil rights. ¿Verdad?

We’re only 2 months into the new year and we’ve already lost 5 trans women to hate crimes. Why was that necessary? #BlackTransLivesMatter

I don’t understand why some people are so insecure with themselves that they feel the need to lash out against what they don’t understand.

Mole Vinaigrette Chicken TostadasMole Vinaigrette Chicken Tostadas

When we were in college, Billy and I lived a few blocks away from Costco, and it was everything.

It literally was.

Costco was one of the few big box stores we had at Humboldt which kept us pretty sane and pretty well fed (we lived 5 hours away from the nearest city).  We used to buy a rotisserie chicken at least once a week which meant we had tostadas for dinner pretty often because we were on that broke college student budget.

The struggle was so real.

Today, I’m throwing it back to those days. We’ll be making those tostadas using rotisserie chicken for a quick dinner, and tossing the chicken in this mole negro vinaigrette to amp them up!

Pro tip: This vinaigrette would also be great in a salad!

I’m heading to Mexico next Thursday, so until then..keep up the good fight, y como siempre, stay chingonx!

Nos vemos pronto.

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Baked Crema Mexicana Donuts

Baked Crema Mexicana DonutsIt’s Thursday!

AKA T-2 Weeks till I get to go to Colima for the weekend to celebrate my birthday con mis abuelitos! AHH!

Lately, I’ve been stumbling upon a ton of old music I used to hear around me when I was younger and it’s put me in a very nostalgic mood.

Bring on the feels!

Do you have any songs that take you back to your childhood?

Baked Crema Mexicana Donuts

When I was younger, every Sunday, like clockwork, mí  papá would wake me up at 6 am so I could go out to Riverside with him para la leche caliente.

If you’re not sure what that is, people would head out to someone’s ranch where they’d milk the cows and we’d all drink the fresh warm milk (hence leche caliente) con chocolate y ellos con piquete.

We did that every single Sunday, but we always stopped to grab donuts. It used to really annoy me, but my dad always had the same CD’s on rotation –which included Pedrito Fernandez, Chelo, Lorenzo De Monteclaro, and occasionally something with banda in it.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the lyrics to  “La de la Mochila Azúl”.

Baked Crema Mexicana Donuts

I can’t even tell you how many times we watched Pedrito’s films either.

What did your parents listen to?

It’s funny to think how much more you start to appreciate the little things as you get older.

Sidenote–What is going on with trans rights in schools being rolled back? I.AM.NOT.HERE.FOR.IT

Trans rights are Human rights, Trans rights are Human rights, Trans rights are Human rights jfc.

Anyways before I get heated, aquí los dejo con la canción, y unas donas.

And as always, Stay chingonx y #ProtectTransKids!

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