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January 2017

Flautas with Mole Aioli

Flautas with a Mole Aioli Drizzle

This post is in partnership with La Guelaguetza. All opinions are my own.

To this day, the origin of Mole  (which comes from the Náhuatl word “Molli” or sauce) is still disputed!

Did it originate in Puebla? Or in Oaxaca? and was it discovered by accident? ¡Quien sabe! I wasn’t able to pin-point the exact location and story so we’ll have to keep doing some more research.

Buzzfeed has it out for mole though, and its probably because they’ve never had the wings I made last week, or because they just haven’t had it prepared properly.

En mi rancho, we’re accustomed to enchiladas dulces, asi que mole is 100% a-ok with me.

If you’re on the fence about it, go make those wings! They’ll definitely change your mind about mole.

Today we’re making a mole aioli that we’re going to be drizzling over these crispy af flautas because it’s #TacoTuesday and my body is craving tacos.

Whenever we’re feeling a little sassy and are in need of a drink, Billy and I like to go out to Chevy’s where we routinely get their appetizer platter that comes with flautas and a chipotle aioli (Mediterranean garlicky mayo).

Their aioli is a little more mayo than chipotle so it lacks the bold smokey punch that comes with chipotles, so we’ll be using mole rojo to make sure the smokiness and sweetness comes through in our take.

This spread is perfect for burgers, as a dipping sauce for steak fries and anywhere else where you might want to upgrade your mayo game.

Happy Taco Tuesday!

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Honey Mole Glazed Wings

Honey Mole Glazed Wings

This post is in partnership with La Guelaguetza, all opinions are my own!


It’s Thursday, which means T-1 day till the weekend y T-9 days till the Lady Gaga Halftime Show/Superbowl!

I’m kind of excited, why lie? I just hope she goes back to her roots and doesn’t play anything from her new album because I still haven’t been able to get behind it, unless it’s Grigio Girls of course, because I’m always down for a little turtle time.

To this day, I still don’t understand Football pero I do understand Halftime!

Honey Mole Glazed WingsI was one of those marching band geeks that would leave it all on the field during Halftime. I loved performing, and college marching band was something else, let me tell you. Everything is amplified x100; the crowds, the stage, and the sound!!

Unfortunately I only spent a year with the Fresno State Marching Band (Go Dogs!) but I will never forget the sensation of my skin crawling with excitement as the crowd roared and cheered us on as we came onto the field.

Sometimes I wish I would have stuck with Music Education, pero life took me in a different direction and I’m not too mad about it.

When La Guelaguetza approached me to see if I was interested in getting creative with their delicious Mole paste, I jumped at the opportunity. Si no la conocen, La Guelaguetza is a restaurant & James Beard Award recipent in LA that brings a little piece of Oaxaca to Los Angeles and they are well-known for their mole!

They currently carry mole negro, mole coloradito and mole rojo. Today I’m using the mole coloradito (which is sweet and mildly spicy with notes of cinnamon, chocolate, and guajillo) to make these honey mole glazed chicken wings that your good Judies will love wether you’re watching the actual game or el halftime show.

They’re sweet and sticky, smoky, a little spicy and they give me total General Tso vibes–and you don’t have to fry them! Honestly, I wish I had a platter of them in front of me right now because they are so damn good! If you’re new to mole, this is the perfect way to dip your lil toe in.

I’ll be making a ton of fun things with La Guelaguetza’s mole throughout February, asi que stay tuned!

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Espaghetti Verde

Espaghetti Verde

¡Hola Chicxs!  I’m so excited to finally share one of the many guest posts that’ll be happening throughout the year! Today we have the badass Thelma Uranga, owner of Rowdy Corazon from Chicago IL, sharing her mom’s delicious Espaghetti Verde! It’s such a simple and tasty dish, and can go from side dish to main dish by simply adding your favorite protein to it! ¡Nos vemos el Jueves!

As long as I can remember, Espaghetti Verde has been a staple within my family’s meals, particularly at special occasions and holidays. The creamy concoction pairs well with everything from tamales to ham, so my family has come to expect it at gatherings.

Espaghetti Verde

Because my siblings and I love it so much and eventually started sharing portions with friends and extended family, my mom’s espaghetti verde has become one of her iconic recipes that she is known for. In fact, my mom started to believe that she invented it, until the grim day that I showed her another version inside of Zarela Martinez’s book, Veracruz. My mom exclaimed, “MI ESPAGHETTI VERDE!” when she saw the recipe, noting that her version was much simpler and probably tastier (ahem, better).

Espaghetti Verde

My mom has since passed down her highly coveted recipe to me. I made it at one of our family gatherings in order to give her a break. Everyone smiled pleasantly and told me it was good, including my dad. A few minutes later, when he thought I wasn’t around, I hear him say, “Verdad que le falta sal al espaghetti verde?” I guess there is nothing like that Mexican mama touch. Feedback taken.

I have since shared her recipe with a few old friends who get nostalgic and crave the dish. They tend to be surprised by how short and simple her version is, especially after researching the recipe and coming upon versions that include ingredients such as cilantro, jalapeño and parmesan cheese.

With my mom’s permission, I am sharing her recipe for espaghetti verde. Enjoy it, share it, and most importantly, remember to season properly.

Thelma Uranga is a Chicago‐based artist and self-described Juana of all trades. She is the owner of Rowdy Corazón, an online Etsy shop that sells unique handmade gifts and accessories with a cultural twist. Rowdy Corazón is a space for her blissful obsessions manifested in vibrant infinity scarves, pet bandanas, and sassy pencils. She is passionate about making things with her hands, her cultura and believes in the power of celebrating Latinidad, now more than ever. Thelma is the proud daughter of immigrant parents; her mother is from Reynosa, Tamaulipas and her father was born in Mexico City. Thelma has a BA in Studio Art/Photography from Illinois State University. Her past photography work has explored themes of cultural identity, feminism, contemporary American society and portraiture. Other delightful fascinations include thrift store shopping, baking pies, and her dog Tula.

Espaghetti Verde

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El Vampiro

El Vampiro


It’s Friday.

I’m avoiding the news right now.

I think most of us are feeling the same way about how the next 4 years might look like right now; scary, uncertain, and rocky. But I am taking comfort in knowing I don’t stand alone and the rest of us won’t be giving up without a long fight.

If you’re in the SoCal area there’s a few big marches happening tomorrow:

LA Women’s March

OC Women’s March

SD Women’s March

if these are too far, see if there’s a local one happening here.

I think now more than ever, it is crucial to have your voice heard. Use your platform(s) to raise awareness, and speak out on injustices happening around you, and hold those in high offices accountable!

Okay, okay.

Deja me bajo de mi soapbox.

We’re all here for this sexy thing I’m calling El Vampiro. And no, we’re not talking about Edward Cullen today. Nice try.

I’ve never been able to find blood oranges anywhere before, but this year they seem to be everywhere! Since most of us seem to getting off colds right now, this seems like the perfect way to get your Vitamin C in. ¿Verdad?

If you’re marching this weekend, stay safe, have fun, and let your voice be heard!

Cheers to all you chingonxs out there, I love you!

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