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Wheat-free Mango Doggie Cake

Grain-free Mango Doggie Cake

It’s been a tough week for most of us, and I want to briefly share my grievances with the election.

I was really excited that the election was finally coming to an end Tuesday night because this particular election had felt everlasting, and very draining.  As soon as the AP called the winner, I was in shock.

I woke up Wednesday morning feeling numb, sick, confused, and feeling like someone in the family had passed away. I spent most of the day trying to make sense of it all, how could this have happened?

Grain-free Mango Doggie Cake

I tried to stay off social media because I got really fed up with the way some people were addressing the results telling me everything was going to be okay.

Truth is, some of us are really scared of what the future looks like for those of us who have a little more pep in our step, or a little more melanin in our skin.

It might not be okay.

Grain-free Mango Doggie Cake

For a few hours, I was taken back to a time when I used to be really ashamed of being brown growing up. I remember I used to scrub my skin so hard wishing it would strip the color right off and I can still remember getting in trouble for speaking Spanish in the playground. I’d go to bed wishing I’d wake up White because I didn’t want to seen as a dirty, uneducated, or poor Mexican.

Unfortunately, this might end up being the same reality for some kids growing up in a Trump Presidency and it truly breaks my heart.

Grain-free Mango Doggie Cake

I can always find comfort in my dogs whenever I’m feeling a little anxious or having an off day, so it was important for me to recognize them after this turbulent week.

Dogs don’t care whether you’re black, brown, gay or straight. They are always loyal and they’ll give you their unconditional love 100% of the time.

Nomi is a sassy little 2 year old, which is why she’s named after the ICONIC character from “Showgirls”, Nomi Malone. Mose is the opposite. He’s named after cousin Mose from The Office, and he’s an 8 year old that only cares about carbs and sunbathing.

If you have any pets at home, give them an extra tight squeeze tonight and if you have any friends who are women, POC, or belong to the LGBTQ++++++ community, lend an ear and take some time to ask them how they’re doing.

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