Ponche de Granada (Pomegranate Punch)

Ponche de Granada (Pomegranate Punch)

Let’s talk about Ponche.

Ponche is one of those souvenirs that were always brought back whenever someone in the family went to Mexico. It was always in our fridge and every now and then I would try to be sneaky and sneak in a few sips to see what alcohol tasted like.

I know. I know.

Ponche de Granada (Pomegranate Punch)

If you’re new to Ponche (or Punch), it’s basically boozy agua fresca.

It’s pretty cheap, which is why it is so popular, and it’s also super refreshing during those hot and sticky summer days when you want to cool off and be a little lush.

Ponche de Granada (Pomegranate Punch)

When we were in Comala earlier this year, my aunt decided to take Billy and I on a bit of a tasting spree where she got us super tipsy off all the different ponches Don Tavo sold. My favorites were the pomegranate and the tamarind flavors, ya’ll know how much I enjoy super tart drinks.

Making ponche is super easy, it takes no time to make and if you like a good Vodka Cranberry, you’ll definitely like this as much as Kyle Richards loves doing the splits at parties.

Consider this your new party trick.

Ponche de Granada (Pomegranate Punch)

Ponche de Granada

(Makes about 6 cups)

4 1/2 cups of water

1 cup of dried hibiscus flowers

1/2 cup of sugar

10 oz pomegranate juice

6-8 oz of vodka (depending on how tipsy you want to get)

pomegranate arils for serving

In a medium size saucepan bring the water a boil then turn the heat down to get a simmer, add the hibiscus, and cook for 10 minutes. Turn the heat off, stir in the sugar and let the mixture cool to room temperature. Strain and transfer to the fridge to cool completely.

To make the punch, mix everything in a large pitcher and serve over ice, garnishing with the pomegranate arils.

Pro tip: Don’t try to make your own pomegranate juice, it’s too time consuming, just get yourself a bottle of pom.



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